Online Personal Fitness,
Senior Front-End Developer 2011 - 2013

FitOrbit helps people lose weight, meet their fitness goals, and have healthier lifestyles. Built powerful tools to process complex data such as nutrient calculations and purchase packages. Major tools include daily and weekly plan views for clients to log and modify with custom-built items, a trainer dashboard built in Ember, a gamified client dashboard, progress tracking tools that visually present biometric data, and mobile content using jqMobi. Designed the FitOrbit iPhone app UI, an advanced plan creator to improve trainer productivity and experience, promotional pages, print ads, and customer tools. As their official photographer, shot all product, client, and trainer photography used throughout the site and marketing material.

front end coding jQuery / Ruby / SASS / Less site design HAML / AJAX / Git / Ember user experience photography


SMS Text Marketing
VP, Brand & Design, 2008 - 2010

Urbanbirdy was a startup that let businesses text their ads directly to customers who'd opted to receive instant updates of exclusive specials and discounts. As VP of Brand & Design, developed the corporate identity, interface design, and user experience for the initial site. UrbanBirdy is now defunct.

logo design company name site design user experience stationary front end coding marketing materials photography promotional copy

Heather Court

Residential Property

This site consists of only 4 files: an HTML file determines the structure, a JavaScript file has all the functionality, a CSS file defines the design and aesthetics, and an XML file contains all the contents. With this approach, design, contents, or structure can be changed independently and with great ease.

site design HTML / CSS / JavaScript

Welcome to Ark

Brand Marketing Portfolio

Welcome to Ark, the brand marketing portfolio of Christian Parkes, showcases several categories of work broken down into horizontally sliding pages.

HTML / CSS / JavaScript

Mark Woollen & Associates

Mark Woollen has created some of the most memorable and effective motion picture advertising of the last fifteen years. Their entire site was originally created in Flash, it was innefficient and the Current Works and Past Works pages required considerable time and effort to update. I stripped Flash from all but the homepage, and created a flexible, simple to update interface to showcase their Current and Past works.

HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

Salton Sea MHP

Adult Mobile Home Park & Desert Activities

Developed the Salton Sea MHP brand to mean one thing: desert fun. Photographed the resort's natural beauty and designed the site around these aesthetics. The site provides a tour of the accomodations and activities available. It's presented in a compact form to accomodate the lower resolution displays more likely used by the elderly.

site design logo design photography HTML / CSS / JS

5 Card Productions

Given another designer's mockups intended to be frames of a Flash site, this site for director Gene Cajayon was coded entirely Flash-free. It loads progressively as the user's connection makes content available. To minimize the processor load on slower systems, shorter transitions were used on larger images, the editorial pages have custom scrollbars, and the whole site and its contents are available to search engine spiders for indexing.

HTML / CSS / JS custom scrollbars Flash-free dissolves

1 Page Sites

A single-page placeholder is an affordable solution to maintain a minimal web presence. Display basic information on your site until your main site is ready, let your clients find and contact you online, or just get something up on short notice before a networking mixer.